X2: Private Villas on the Tranquil Side of Koh Samui

On the peaceful, quiet side of Koh Samui, Thailand is X2 offers a remote retreat for couples who want to get away from the crowds and just relax on the beach. 


If you’ve never been to Koh Samui, be prepared to enter one of the nicest airports you’ve ever been to. Everything is open air, surrounded by tropical flowers and the best part - it’s not busy. Moments after stepping off the plane, feeling the tropical heat mixed with the cool breeze of the water, I was instantly relaxed. It was a perfect foray into what we would soon be experiencing. 

We would be staying at X2 Samui (pronounced Cross 2) for the next several days, which was located on the quiet side of the island. We would be staying in one of the private pool villas right on the beach - what a way to start our Thai beach holiday! We weren’t sure what the taxi situation would be like at the airport, so we arranged for the hotel to pick us up at the airport. As soon as we crossed the through the exit, we were immediately greeted with a friendly face holding a sign with our names written on it. We had arrived in Koh Samui!


Our Villa at X2

At X2 you pretty much have two options of rooms, a villa with a pool and a villa without. Even though you are on the beach, you must get the villa with a pool. There is just something to be said about having your own space and not having to share. Every morning we would wake up, head to breakfast and then lay around our pool all day. The villas are set up to be mini homes and the high walls, bamboo trees give you the sense of privacy. It feels like you have a private piece of property on the beaches of Thailand. 

Inside, everything felt like it was blended with nature. Our bathroom opened up to the pool with a private outdoor shower and a large soaking tub in front of the windows. At night the sky was so clear, we would sit in the tub and just stare out at the stars.  The decor was very simple yet contemporary, using plenty of natural textures like stone and wood. The large floor to ceiling windows, let in plenty of natural light and the area was pretty spacious, allowing us both to stretch out and not feel cramped. 

Shamefully, we didn’t leave our room too much. We were tired from the hustle of Bangkok and were really looking forward to just relaxing in the sun. We had a pool, an outdoor seating area, lounge chairs, access to yummy rooms service, so really what more could we want. 


The Spa

The point of being at X2 Samui, is to relax and unwind, all in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Of course spending some time at their spa works wanders on the relaxation part, so after a quick glance at their menu and a chat with the spa therapists, I had settled on a combination treatment of a full body massage and a mini facial. 

After what felt like a two hour massage, my therapist gently turned me over and announced she would be beginning the facial portion of my treatment. Half asleep and with a mask over my eyes, I kept getting distracted over the smells that were beginningto swirl in the air. I peeked under my mask and saw her grinding a few ingredients in a bowl. It smelled delicious and fresh and as it turned out, she was simply making the mask she would be using for my facial. Everything at the spa is organic, freshly made and even edible. 

Once my treatments were over and after a quick shower, I was treated to some more tea and presented with a little package that contained theleftovers of my face mask. Since they don’t sell the products they use at the spa, I was eager to take what I could get. I eventually left the calm of the spa, feeling refreshed, relaxed and my skin noticeably softer. It went off to settle back by our pool with cocktails and lunch.  This is what X2 is about - privacy and relaxation!

Walking down the buddha lined pathway to my treatment room, swift breezes infused with essential oils passed me by and evertyhing was just so calm. I had had “Thai” spa treatments before, but this time I was in Thailand, I could smell the difference and soon would feel the difference.

Dining at X2

X2 is situatedin an underdeveloped area, so don’t expect to have streets lined with bars and restaurants. There are only a few other villas and resorts sharing the beach area so the selection of where to dine is a bit small. We had the majority of our meals at 4K (pronounced fork), the hotels restaurant and bar, which featured Thai cuisine with western influence. The food was delicious and the decor stunning. With an open air style and views of the beach surrounding the restaurant, we spent plenty nights and mornings just sitting on the comfortable sofas watching the tide come in and retreat. 

Or for a change of pace, right next to the hotel -- on the beach side -- is a great little bar with fantastic cocktails, if you want to get out of X2 for a bit.


For more information about X2 Koh Samui make sure to visit their website: