18 Pictures That Will Make You Want to Visit Gozo, Malta Now

Completely void of mass tourism, Gozo is the little sister of Malta & a romantic piece of paradise surrounded by the most beautiful, warm turquoise water.


All around the island are little "pools" that you can jump in to cool off

Staring at the crashing waves in front of the Azure Window

The rocky coastline and more turquoise water

Mgarr Harbour, the only port town in Gozo
and the entry point for all locals and visitors. 

Chris jumping into the crystal clear waters of Xlendi Bay

All the streets pretty much look like this

...and all the doors are variations of this. Bright colors against stone washed walls

Every square if full of small cafes and the churches are lit up like Christmas...even in Summer

Every night, for seemingly no reason at all, fireworks and cannon balls continually go off

A short ferry ride away and your on the island of Comino surrounded by water that looks like the cleanest pool, you've ever seen. 

Every view seems to be better than the last

You can go scuba diving in the Blue Hole, or just lazily lounge around it like us

Most of the street food is a glorious mix of Italian and Mediterranean influences and it's delicious! Do like the locals do and wash it down with an ice cold beer, even if it's only 9AM. 

Everywhere you look is like a scene out of Game of Thrones and it's stunning

Gozo's big sister Malta is just a 30 minute ferry ride away

With over 46 churches on the small island of Gozo, it might be fair to say, Catholicism is a big deal here

As night falls, the entire city seems to light up

Gozo is extremely romantic. The food, the wine, the cheese, the views, the ocean it's all just perfectly unspoiled!