The Avenue Hotel: Copenhagen’s Most Stylish Boutique Hotel

Tucked away in a quiet part of Copenhagen, the Avenue Hotel is a comfortable and stylish place to call home for your trip to this diverse city. 


We had heard so many stories about how great Copenhagen is. Whether it was friends bragging about their dining experiences or reading in a newspaper about how Copenhagen is the happiest city in the world, we wanted to check it out first hand. So when it came time to plan our destination for Fall, Copenhagen was a definite must.

Our flight arrived early in the morning and as soon as we got off the plane, everything we imagined was coming to life. Fashionable people scurried around quickly on their bikes, restaurant after restaurant was around every corner and the architecture was fantastic! Modern yet charming houses and buildings lined the rivers we passed, as the smell of fresh rain and crisp air wafted past us. It was perfect! We wanted a place that was small, stylish and close to great restaurants and boutiques. So when we came across the Avenue Hotel during our research, we knew it would be ideal for our stay.


The exterior of the Avenue Hotel


When we walked up to the Avenue Hotel, everything was exactly as we expected. The facade was a graceful mix of a regal mansion and a warm inviting home. Colorful and fresh hydrangeas welcomed us at the entrance and smiling faces greeted us as we entered.

The overall feel of the hotel is definitely chic and cool! There is a great outdoor area with beautiful hydrangeas everywhere and plenty of seating areas. At night they light candles and the dim light makes it pretty romantic, yet the perfect place to gather with friends. There is also a full service bar in the lobby, which serves a great selection of beers and specialty cocktails. Surrounding the bar, are several little sections with plush couches, books and games - it felt like heading into your best friends living room. Even though the hotel was full, there was a good amount of space for guests to mingle about, so it never felt crowded.


Our Room

As soon as we opened the door to our room, it felt like we were walking into a cozy apartment. The little details like fresh flowers, dainty curtains, Missoni bedding and an extremely comfortable couch, made us feel at home. Cold champagne and chocolate were waiting for us inside and was the perfect touch in making us feel special. 

We stayed in a superior deluxe room which had all the important components we were looking for: large bathroom, desk, bedroom and comfortable place to lounge. What I loved most was that even though our room was a bit small, the way it was set up and segmented made it feel really spacious. The room was separated by glass doors and our living room had a large couch and small workspace area - perfect for us digital nomads. Black and white were the predominant colors, yet there were different textures throughout to give it more style. Overall the room and bed were incredibly comfortable and we slept and relaxed blissfully!


Our room looked out to the small outdoor area and the surrounding rooms. Since we were on one of the higher floors we were able to see above the rooftops and into the town. Our room was full of windows so when it began to rain, it was perfect to lay there with the curtains open and watch the rain fall.  The only negative was that there was no coffee or tea in the room -- We would have loved to lay in bed leisurely drinking our coffee…oh well, it forced us to get up and about. 

Cold champagne and chocolate were waiting for us inside our room and was the perfect touch in making us feel special.

What To Do

Avenue Hotel is located in the charming areas of Frederiksberg and Nørrebro (Don't worry -- I can't pronounce the names either). Trendy restaurants, with cheap kebab shops next door are mixed with dimly lit bars and fabulous boutiques are around every corner. So if you feel like "hanging around home" for a day, don't worry you'll be amused.

It's about a 25 minute walk to the center of town, or a quick subway ride away. If you're like us, and prefer to wander about on your own (versus following a touristy travel guide), then just head out in the direction of town and you'll find your way. You'll pass by a charming river, lined with typical Danish homes and several beautiful parks. After you've gawked at unique boutiques and passed by more creative architecture, you'll find yourself in the center of town.


The port of Nyhavn


Make sure to stop at Nyhavn to get a picture of the colorful houses lining the port and while you're there we definitely recommend taking one of the canal tours. It takes you all around Copenhagen while showing you a different view - yes it's touristy, but for good reason :) 

The concierge team was a great resource for finding restaurants in the area and the recommendations were delicious! If you're in the mood for something healthy, hearty and Nordic, you must stop by Grød which serve only dishes made from porridge and grains. Think a delicious bowl of daal over lentils, or sweet skyr with fresh fruit and oats. Another favorite is Cafe Auto, just up the street, which is perfect for a Croque Madame during a weekend brunch. If you just cant get out of the comfortable beds, the hotel will gladly deliver you food from a few nearby restaurants!  


For more information about the Avenue Hotel make sure to visit their website: