Biologique Recherche, Paris: Beauty Treatment at its Best

To help rejuvenate ourselves from the rigors of travel, some pampering was in order. Biologique Recherche gave us a unique personalized experience to remember


After months on the road, Chris and I were enjoying spending some time being stationary. We had come to Paris – one of our favorite cities – with the intention to relax for a few weeks and recharge our batteries. All that travel had started to take its toll on us, and we were feeling tired, unhealthy, and in need of a change.

With this in mind we rented an apartment, made some changes to our diet, and lived life at a slower pace for a while. We tried juice detoxes to repair ourselves internally, but I for one also wanted to give myself a bit of attention externally. Our list of recent destinations read like a list of places to go if you want to put stress on your skin – from the cold winds of Patagonia, to the thin, biting air of the Peruvian Altiplano. It had been a while since I had indulged in any skin treatments, and I was starting to feel like it was time to repair some of the damage done by our hectic international lifestyle. 

Of course, I was feeling the strain more than Chris, but - ever the good sport - when I suggested we do something about it, he happily agreed to participate. One of the many things Paris is known for is fashion and beauty, so I knew that I would have no trouble finding a world class treatment program while in the city. Sure enough, I found it with one of Biologique Recherche’s skin instant sessions.


I have used Biologique a few times in the past (their p50 lotion is a beauty staple and cult favorite) and I just love their ethos - “clinical approach to beauty care using intentionally pure, concentrated, raw ingredients, as well as innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures.” They don’t care about fancy packaging or trendy regimes, instead they keep it quite direct, which I really appreciate. 

All their products are made using an extremely stringent set of specifications that ensure that they are all of the highest quality. Amongst other things, they avoid synthetic ingredients and, where possible, use a cold manufacturing process which means that none of the natural properties of the ingredients are damaged in any way. Their products can be found in shops all over the world but, being based in Paris, an even better option was available to us and I wanted to take advantage of it.


In a suitably glamorous location – right on the Champs-Élysées – Biologique Recherche has opened the Ambassade de Beaute (the embassy of beauty). Here you can have your skin examined by one of their highly trained experts, who will use their specialized knowledge –as well as the full range of products – to tell you what’s wrong with your skin, how to fix it and how to prevent it. 

Despite its prestigious address, the building is tucked away and easy to miss as it blends into all the other grand edifices that surround it. But once you walk through the facade, you’re greeted with a beautiful restored mansion, that almost transports you somewhere completely different.  The historic building has an old world charm about it, which (like the brand itself) feels comfortable in its quality and doesn’t feel the need to grab your attention by being over the top. It is set back from the avenue behind a private courtyard which gives it a peaceful feel which stands in stark contrast to the busy Champs-Élysées.


Once inside, you can’t help but be impressed by the decoration. Everywhere you look you encounter wood paneled walls and marble counters. Everything, from the furniture to the lighting, is a calm shade of gold or cream. The Biologique Recherche brand has been around for almost forty years, and they have been carrying out treatments at the Ambassade for the last twenty-three of them.

The Ambassade de Beaute offers a huge range of treatments, and whether it is your face, body, or hair that needs some care given to it, you will find something to suit your needs. Their list of treatments is sixteen pages long, so it goes without saying that there is something for everyone! We were there for a ‘skin instant’ session which is one of the more specialized services they offer.


Think of it as being a bit like going to the doctor to get yourself diagnosed. The technician sits down with you, and using their high-tech electronic equipment and computer programs, they analyze the condition of your skin. Rather than relying on the traditional – but cumbersome – categories like ‘dry’ or ‘oily’, you get a personalized picture of what condition your skin is in at that exact moment. What’s more, your skin might be in different conditions in different parts of your face, meaning that different parts require different types of attention. The skin instant process can tell you all of this, so that you are better equipped to take the best possible course of action for your specific need.

Rather than relying on the traditional – but cumbersome – categories like ‘dry’ or ‘oily’, you get a personalized picture of what condition your skin is in at that exact moment.

The process was enjoyable, and our technician was extremely friendly and helpful. We discussed our future travel plans with her, and as we would soon be visiting hot, tropical places (such as Bali, Singapore, and the Maldives), she took this into account when recommending products for us. After analyzing my skin, she advised me that it was extremely dehydrated (as I suspected it might be) and that my skin tone had become uneven and very sensitive. Chris on the other hand had almost perfect skin and was recommended a few preventative measures as well.

We left with a bag of different tonics, potions and elixirs (as Chris calls them) and we were  on our way. The entire process lasted maybe an hour, mostly because I had so many questions and was constantly ogling at the products, yet the true value was in the hope of finding some comfort for my skin.

The Preparation UV helps get my skin ready for the sun, while the Protection UV keeps it safe while I am out. At the end of the day, the Reparation UV crème helps it recover.

Fast forward 2 months…

I have been using the products recommended ever since and am happy to say that the results have been really noticeable! Every day I use Lait EV to cleanse my face before using Crème Masque Vernix to moisturize. Next is the Sérum Erythros which helps even out my skin tone by removing redness from my cheeks, and finally P50W lotion in order to gently exfoliate my skin.

Of course, in hot climates the sun can have a real effect and so I have three different products designed to counteract its damaging rays. None of these contain hyaluronic acid, and despite spending a decent amount of time lying out in the sun I haven’t been burnt once! The Preparation UV helps get my skin ready for the sun, while the Protection UV keeps it safe while I am out. At the end of the day, the Reparation UV crème helps it recover. Although these products work wonders for me, they may not be for everyone, so definitely make sure to ask a specialist. 

A trip to the Ambassade de Beaute turned out to be just what we needed, and along with the detox we were doing, it helped to reenergize and refresh us. By the end of our trip to Paris, we both felt like new people and were ready to hit the road again with new enthusiasm. Biologique Recherche played a big part in this, and I will be keeping an eye out for their goodies wherever I go from now on.


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