Detox Delight: An Easy Way to Eat Healthy in Paris

A juice detox can be a great way to help your body maintain its natural health. With Detox Delight we got the benefits and could still enjoy a good meal.


Last year – as always – we spent a lot of time traveling. I would estimate that in total we spent somewhere between 200 and 250 nights in hotels in various parts of the world. Along the way we tried plenty of local delicacies – both healthy examples, such as quinoa salad in Peru, and not so healthy ones like the mountains of meat we consumed in Argentina. We finished the year by spending the holiday season with the family, and of course that meant overindulging in food and alcohol.

By the time 2017 came around we were tired, a little run down, and feeling in need of a change. All that travel had taken its toll, and having visited countries like Spain, Italy, and China (with all their great food), it was hard to keep our mouth shut. We needed to take some time to sit in one place, give ourselves some time to recover, and to get back on track in terms of diet. Luckily we knew just the place.

Everyone knows Paris is glorious… from the food, the people, the different arrondissements, it’s just magical. There is a reason that it is the most visited city on earth! We’ve spent some time in Paris in the past and knew that we could easily spend a month or so there, so it was decided. We would detox, in the most unlikely place to do so. 


Paris is not always the easiest city to eat healthy in.... ;-)


Of course, France has always been at the forefront of culinary trends and despite the abundance of rich food that forms part of their culture, it is an international city which is open to new things. There are many companies which offer various detox programs there, and this sounded like a great way to clear out our digestive systems. We would spend a few days cleansing our bodies, and come out feeling rejuvenated and ready to make some changes to our diet going forward.

With all this in mind, we booked an apartment for a month, and organized a three day detox with Detox Delight. This is a company which offers its services in five cities and four different countries – including the whole of France. The basic concept is that for several days you only consume the things which they provide you, and that all of this is super healthy and packed full of goodness. In doing so, you replenish the body’s supply of vitamins and give it a break from having to digest heavy meals (did you know that much of the energy you gain from food is actually used up in the process of digesting solids rather than actually powering your body?). Many of these detox programs are juice based, and some people find it difficult to adjust to going without solids for days at a time.


Detox Delight appealed as it offered a ‘juice and dinner’ package, which allows you to get a decent meal in the evening without compromising your aim to cleanse yourself of bad stuff. They will deliver everything to your door at a time of your choosing, and we opted for between eight and nine in the morning so that we had our first juice of the day in time for breakfast. We had gone for a three day program so it was all delivered at once. Make sure you have room in your fridge as a few days worth of juices and food will take up quite a bit of space.

The juices were uniformly excellent! They contained every imaginable fruit and/or vegetable and they were extremely varied. You might think the three days of juice could get a little tedious, but they were all so delicious and different from each other that this was definitely not the case. As well as being full of goodness, they are also free of artificial additives which means that you can be confident that you are doing yourself nothing but good by drinking them. The schedule recommended that you have one every two hours, and despite being liquid this ensures that you don’t struggle with hunger…although I still had a tough time… I just missed the act of eating! 


The evening meals were also great, and as you would expect, they were all vegan and made from raw foods. I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed them as, although I do love a good salad, I am nothing if not a carnivore. They were filling and exciting, with the taste combinations leaving me feeling fulfilled and satisfied. It actually inspired me to give this kind of cooking a go, and if a detox can persuade you to try a new type of cooking then it must be pretty good. What’s more, it also means that it didn’t just succeed in its aim of providing us with a short term clean-out, it helped us make lasting changes to move in a healthy direction.

Having never tried a detox before, both Chris and I found this a great way to acclimate to the experience. Having the dinner option gave the sense of having the best of both worlds, as alongside the detox we got the fun and enjoyment of a good meal. After three days of cleansing our bodies and relaxing in beautiful Paris, we were starting to feel refreshed and rested. Our energy levels rose, and as we stuck to a healthy diet and stayed in one place for another few weeks, we just kept feeling better and better.

Having never tried a detox before, both Chris and I found this a great way to acclimate to the experience. Having the dinner option gave the sense of having the best of both worlds, as alongside the detox we got the fun and enjoyment of a good meal.

We found it easy to take our meals with us as we explored Paris!

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