Casa do Leão: Delicious Restaurant Atop St. George Castle

Spend the afternoon wandering around an historic castle, with panoramic views of Lisbon, all while having well-made cocktails & fantastic Portuguese cuisine. 


Lisbon is full of delicious restaurants. Whether you’re looking for Michelin starred venues, casual fine dining, or little hidden gems that are family owned, Lisbon seems to have it all! Yet to find a restaurant that has great food, fantastic service and an ultra impressive view, is a bit more rare. So when we found Casa Do Leão, perched atop St. George Castle with views across the entire city of Lisbon, we knew we had found a truly memorable place.

Cobblestone pathways, lead the way around the remnants of a once majestic castle. Towers have been carefully restored, so although most of the area is now comprised of ruins, you can still get a sense of a time long gone. Plants and trees adorn every area, yet the true beauty, is in the spectacular views. On a clear day, you can see across the Tagus River and all the neighborhoods of Lisbon.


The views from Casa Do Leão


In order to access the restaurant you must purchase a ticket to enter the castle. Just walk up to the ticket counter, mention you have a reservation, pay a few Euro and enter. You can spend a few minutes or hours wandering around the castle grounds, so definitely make sure to leave yourself time, to appreciate the fantastic atmosphere. The restaurant itself has a large outdoor patio with plenty of seating and if the weather isn’t cooperating, the interior is a romantic alternative. The tall vaulted ceilings and beautiful tile work aren’t to be missed, so make sure you sneak inside for a peak!

Casa do Leão might call a major tourist attraction home, yet it definitely doesn’t have that “touristy vibe.”

Cocktails and Food

As soon as we sat down we were greeted with our favorite cocktails. Mine was a gin and citrus concoction while Chris had an Old Fashioned. The bartenders know what they’re doing and aren't’ afraid to take over and choose a drink for you. Just tell them what you typically like and they won't disappoint! Once your food starts to arrive, make sure to take advantage of their extensive wine Portuguese wine'll be impressed! 

The menu at Casa do Leão is very typical and serves a variety of traditional Portuguese dishes. You can expect to have a great selection of meat entrees and seafood with a bit of modern flair. Make sure to come hungry, because the portions aren’t small and you’ll definitely want to save room for dessert!


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