AOC Restaurant: Creative Dining at its Best in Copenhagen

Nordic cuisine has been reimagined and spawned into a contemporary & delicious experience, at AOC, one of Copenhagen's top Michelin rated restaurants. 


The room is candlelit, the faint sound of laughter surrounds us,  and I am staring at a pile of hay wrapped in clay on my plate….and I was supposed to eat it. Somewhere underneath the perfectly laid hay and the hard clay shell, was a mini baked potato. After a few hits to the clay with an equally curious tool, I unwrapped the most perfect looking potato I had ever seen. The exterior was golden brown and split perfectly open, with the gentle cut of a knife as that rustic aroma wafted in the air.

So much work and dedication went into make this two bite potato, the best it could possibly be, completely setting the tone for the rest of the evening. Every dish that followed was more intriguing than the next as you could taste the care and passion that went into making sure each bite and every flavor was remarkable. This is what you can expect when you dine at AOC, a two Michelin starred restaurant.

This gastronomic experience was artistic, curious and something I want to relive again and again. AOC is special, a place totally worth the expense and something most of us will never get to do. So if you have the opportunity, don’t debate, make a reservation and sit back and enjoy one of the best culinary moments you’ll ever have… Yes it really is that good.

When you dine at AOC you’re paying for a show, performed by the very best talent. It’s a place to celebrate a special occasion, meet with good friends, or just enjoy a romantic night out. You’ll leave impressed, appreciative and very satisfied!

The Experience

AOC is located in the basement of one of Copenhagen's historic mansions, in the center of the city.  The vaulted ceilings of this old cellar, the open kitchen and dim lighting perfectly set the relaxed tone for the evening. The environment is elegant but not pretentious. The waiters and team members walk around with smiles, make jokes with you, yet present each dish and describe every nuance with the utmost professionalism as they teach you about their craft. 

This is not a place for a quick bite to eat, it’s a performance, an edible show. So come with time, savor each bite and sip, as you fall into one of the best food comas you’ll ever have...and if you need to cool down, they’ll let you spend a few minutes in their walk in freezer as you sip champagne!


A tiny little potato is wrapped in straw and baked in clay

The clay shell is broken open with a stick

Your potato is ready


The Food

Every dish is playful, some making you work for that tasty bite and others an extravagant, time consuming display hiding the best single (smallest)  baked potato. At AOC time is not important and imagination rules. They aren’t an expensive restaurant serving large portions of consumer satisfied dishes. Instead the chef does what he wants, making each dish with the same passion an artist exudes over a painting, or an architect over a blueprint. 

You can’t really categorize the type of food at AOC into a cuisine per se but it is undoubtedly Nordic. The produce is fresh and seasonal coming from the surrounding land and sea and the attitude of the chef and his team, is to strive for perfection. Looking through the open kitchen, you can see each member carefully examining their work, with the focus and precision I definitely don’t posses. Carefully picking out the best leaves from a sprig of fresh greens, or delicately adding a dot of sauce to an almost finished dish, they all work in unison, a beautiful harmonic symphony.

The produce is fresh and seasonal coming from the surrounding land and sea and the attitude of the chef and his team, is to strive for perfection.

Our dishes for the night included, bilini-like flatbread with Danish Havgus cheese, a baked onion, with elderflower & Baerii Prestige caviar spread on top. Razor clams accompanied by apple, kale and parsley. A perfectly cooked pigeon breast with cherries, sorrel and smoked marrow. We feasted for hours, savoring every bite and washing it down with the best of wine. Although the menu does change frequently, expect to have 9 courses with a bevy of appetizers and treats throughout.

Chef Søren Selin is a master of his craft and to be able to taste his creations is like doing something you shouldn’t be’s exhilarating and fun!

In This Case Have Two Drink Pairings

Scrolling down the menu, I did a double take when I saw a juice pairing offered at 600kr or about $70. What were they putting in this juice? Was it made of endangered fruit from magical seeds. I get it, we’re at a Michelin starred restaurant in an expensive city, but really juice for $70? Why? and who would actually do a juice pairing and not a wine pairing? Out of simple curiosity I ordered the juice pairing and of course the wine just can't’ say no to 9 glasses of globally varied, perfectly paired wine.

As it turns out, the juice pairing was absolutely amazing and worth every penny. Each juice was freshly pressed and made to accompany each dish perfectly. From savory to sweet, the options seemed endless and actually made the flavors in the dishes more pronounced. Although you will fully enjoy the experience without ordering wine or juice, I definitely recommend ordering both pairings.


Looking into the open kitchen as the team prepares for the evening

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