Enoteca: Michelin Starred Dining in Barcelona

Enoteca promises the inventive fusion of local ingredients that are deliciously loyal to the Mediterranean as you relax into their beach-chic atmosphere


Echoes of clinking cutlery  and rather poetic Sommeliers describing wine profiles, carried through the restaurant as we waited to be seated. The smell of roses wafted through the air (from one of the dishes being served) as waiters busily went from table to table. We had arrived at Enoteca,  one of Barcelona’s most renowned restaurants and were about to partake in a 3 hour long tasting menu, complete with a wine pairing. Mediterranean dishes with Catalonian flavors! Yes please!

Enoteca is a pretty big space, overlooking the gardens of Hotel Arts and the sea in the distance. As we became acquainted with the room and its clean, inviting, nautical style, we noticed the excitement of other guests filling the air. Curious smiles were all around as waiters expertly explained each course.  Dishes were set on a neighboring table, and we heard one guest ask, “Can we eat this? No, we can’t… Can we?” The kind of dining offered by Enoteca represents what gastronomical cuisine is all about: making the expected, cleverly unexpected.

Enoteca represents what gastronomical cuisine is all about: making the expected, cleverly unexpected.

Such incredible presentation at Enoteca in Barcelona *Images courtesy of Enoteca


Beach Vibes and Elegance

Enoteca Restaurant is a part of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Arts, in Barcelona. Right off the shore, entering Enoteca feels so much more like stepping into your best friend’s beach house than into a two Michelin starred restaurant. The ambiance is beach chic, with plush white sofas, bold striped pillows, and white tables. Empty and full wine bottles decorate shelves that wrap around most of the restaurant.

The décor of the restaurant comes together in a serene expression that can really only be interpreted in one way—Mediterranean. While the design whisked us off into the mindset of bright blue waters and tropical breezes, gracious and professional wait staff dressed in smart suits and flowing blue outfits, reminded us that we were about to have an unforgettable culinary experience.


From El Bulli to 5 Stars - Chef Paco Pérez

Chef Paco Pérez stepped into Enoteca in 2008, bringing with him a rich culinary background rooted in Catalan culture. He began cooking at only 12 years old, where he helped out at the family tapas bar. Chef Pérez acquired his professional training in France, after which he returned to Barcelona for several years of creative experience at El Bulli restaurant.

Since taking over Enoteca, Chef Pérez has focused intensely on his passion for communicating Mediterranean culinary tradition to his customers. Alongside tradition, he infuses a sense of creativity based on pure ingredients from the sea and mountains of Spain. Chef Pérez currently holds five Michelin stars: two at restaurant Miramar, two at Enoteca, and one at 5-Cinco.


A close up of "Sea Odyssey" at Enoteca. Image provided by Enoteca


Adventuring Through the Tasting Menu

Our dining experience at Enoteca was as impeccable and luscious as we had anticipated, and then some. Dinner started off with a voyage guided by the Sommelier, who presented wines as though we were going on a journey through Spain. “Now we are in Central Spain, where you might find a Tempranillo, and soon we will be heading south…” The whimsical yet informational explanations invited us to indulge in the overall adventure that is Enoteca. We learned about the different regions, grapes, and types of wines, which is great for those who aren’t fluent in the language of wine, like me! It was all a little confusing in the end, but damn delicious!

Per usual, we ordered the tasting menu at Enoteca, where we were able to clearly perceive the innovation and passion of the chef. The attention to detail and imagination in every dish was not only delicious, but also inspiring. One of the standout dishes on the menu is The Orchard, where even the soil was edible. We also enjoyed the savory squab dish, served as meatballs and complemented with potato jelly, salsify (a root veggie), and coffee. Most of the dishes played with seafood, like the Native Lobster Dumplings, with flavorful Jerusalem artichoke and enoki mushroom.

Every part of our meal at Enoteca felt like a masterful balancing act, harmonizing Catalan culture, Mediterranean influence, and the chef’s genuine creativity into a melody that we will never forget!

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