Tiara Yaktsa: A Romantic Secluded Hotel in Cannes

Surrounded by rocky cliffs and the sparkling Mediterranean, Hotel Tiara Yaktsa promises romance, privacy, and a stylish taste of the French Riviera


Traveling to Cannes has always been a dream of mine. The posh glamour, heavenly beaches, and overall atmosphere painted an enticing image in my head that I had to see for myself. So while we were exploring the Côte D’Azur, we rented an apartment in Nice to use as our home base while exploring Monaco, Cannes, Nice, and all the areas in between.

Unfortunately, the reality about Cannes it that it’s expensive and lacks the type of creative, interesting experiences we enjoy. Though it’s not quite our style, Cannes is a place to be seen. The streets are beautiful, lined with designer shops and expensive cafes with swanky vibes. The surrounding area is undeniably gorgeous. Views of the textured, rocky cliffs, deep blue Mediterranean, and cliff-side villas were the type we couldn’t take our eyes off of.

Ultimately, we decided to go about our trip to Cannes a little differently. We took a train to Theoule Sur Mer, about ten minutes from Cannes. In the verdant escape of Theoule Sur Mer we stayed at a stunning five-star boutique hotel, the Hotel Tiara Yaktsa Côte D’Azur. The hotel sat majestically on the cliffs, overlooking the ocean. It was the perfect spot to experience the French Riviera without the rush of pretentious tourists.


Romantic Serenity in Theoule Sur Mer

After a hotel representative picked us up from the train station, we drove 15 minutes through the scenic cliff side of Theoule Sur Mer. Nestled in discreetly, Hotel Tiara Yaktsa looks like a private villa in the midst of a residential area. Right away, the refined privacy of Hotel Tiara Yaktsa gave the property a sense of romantic seclusion.

The stylishly romantic theme of Hotel Tiara Yaktsa continued as we explored the design. While the outside of the hotel is simple and classy, the inside is bright and breezy. Touches of Moroccan influence are consistent throughout the hotel. Bold purples and reds stood out of the décor, along with accents of gold light fixtures and soft tan fabrics. The design of the hotel appears surprisingly exotic, but in a way that felt lovely and comfortable.

Down the way from Hotel Tiara Yaktsa is their sister hotel, Miramar. Miramar is more a family-type hotel—much bigger and with less of a boutique feel. Although Hotel Tiara Yaktsa doesn’t have beach access, Miramar does. As guests of Tiara Yaktsa, we were encouraged to enjoy the beach from the other property as often as we wanted.  


Feel Free to Indulge

Hotel Tiara Yaktsa is far from town and other restaurants. This was something we truly enjoyed about our stay, but if you want to go out you’ll likely need to hire a car. During our three-day stay, we were happy staying in the hotel and taking full advantage of their amenities. The pool at the hotel is exquisite and perfect for leisure. The pool area has private cabanas and plenty of common areas, so you can curl up with a book or enjoy the sun in private.

Although the property doesn’t have a spa, Miramar has a fantastic one. We took a little golf cart down to Miramar and indulged in a couples massage at Tiara Spa. The therapists were wonderfully attentive to what we wanted and what was best for our bodies. Hotel Tiara Yaktsa also has an on-site fitness center and poolside Zen garden.


The Junior Suite with a Sea View

Since the area around Hotel Tiara Yaktsa is so secluded and romantic, make the most of the ambiance and choose the Junior Suite with a sea view. Waking up in our canopy bed to the waves crashing in the distance was a highlight of our stay. We woke up every morning relaxed and present, taking it all in moment by moment. Our room was also decorated with Moroccan finesse, evident in the furnishings, dim lighting, and jewel tone colors. We were incredibly comfortable in our suite, which was even set up for us to get some work done. Although I don’t recommend trying to work while staying here, the Wifi was notably great and the desk area was spacious. The bathroom was huge, with Italian showers and stylish amenities.

Staying in this suite was a taste of paradise. When we walked in we were greeted with a bottle of Rose, which we enjoyed happily on our balcony, gazing out at the sea and rich landscape. There are some moments when you’re traveling that you just don’t forget—this was one of them!


Dining at Tiara Yaktsa

Normally, I don’t like to be confined to one place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but Hotel Tiara Yaktsa was an exception. The food is absolutely incredible! Hotel Tiara Yaktsa has two restaurants, one that offers fine dining and one that offers more of a “spa menu.” Each morning, we had a breakfast from the self-serve buffet of pastries, fruit, and charcuterie.

For lunch we relaxed on the terrace, munching on salads or the fresh fish of the day, although Chris really enjoyed the club sandwich too. We always had dinner at L’Or Bleu, where we dined with other guests, notable chefs from acclaimed restaurants, and a handful of locals. Evident by the crowd, L’Or Bleu is worth visiting even if you aren’t staying at the hotel.


One of the dishes at L'Or Bleu


The cuisine at L’Or Bleu is generally Mediterranean, but heavily influenced by local and seasonal ingredients combined with the exotic flavors of far away places. Some of our favorites were the Spinach and Ricotta Raviolis topped with Parmesan cheese, the Stuffed Zucchini Flowers, fresh fish and the Saddle of Lamb.

The seafront experience at L’Or Bleu is remarkable, with refined and friendly service and food we were ecstatic to enjoy three nights in a row!

Dessert! Perfect pieces of French cheese


Whatever you do, be sure to order the cheese plate—at least once! Before we even set foot in the South of France (Cote d’Azure and Provence) we had been told all about the cheese. What we weren’t expecting was how intimidating cheese could be! Everything is in French, so we couldn’t read descriptions and it was nearly impossible to tell what was what. But at L’Or Bleu, our waiter brought over the cheese cart, let us sample everything, and then wrote all of the names down for us so we could buy the cheeses at the market later. I still keep that paper in my wallet for a little help!


The Perfect Getaway

If you’re like us, craving meaningful experiences san tourists, then the five-star Hotel Tiara Yaktsa is perfect for you. The hotel is ideal for a romantic getaway, or for anybody wanting to visit Cannes under less conventional circumstances. Staying at Hotel Tiara Yaktsa, we still got the feel of Southern France, but in environment we felt comfortable in. If you are planning on visiting during the Cannes Film Festival, make sure you book in advance!


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