Maison MK: Contemporary Spin on Moroccan Style

A modern riad located in the heart of the Medina,  providing all the comforts of home, with a stunning  rooftop bar giving 360 degree views of Marrakesh


For our last few days in Marrakech we headed close to the souks in the Medina to Maison MK and it was such a treat. You know that kind of hotel that feels more like a home, rather than a hotel? Well those are the places we seek out, the places we feel the most comfortable and the places that give us the best memories. Usually we can tell in the first 5 minutes of entering a property, if it’s our kind of place, so when we entered Maison MK and I got those good vibes, I knew this was the place for us!

Hidden down a pedestrian-only alley, behind a pair of heavy doors, it the bright and uniquely styled Maison MK.  With six rooms available space is limited, yet the open courtyard, series of common spaces and attentive service, gives the sense of being on a large private estate. With a mission of giving guests luxury in a relaxed way and providing an escape for foodies, Maison MK not only delivers, but goes above and beyond. This comfortable riad, is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a busy day, exploring the hustle of the Medina.

If you’re food focused, appreciate a well-designed hotel & like extraordinary experiences, Maison MK is the only option!

The views from the Masion MK rooftop are amazing, especially at sunset


Getting to Maison MK

Maison MK is located inside the Medina, near the Bab L'ksour entrance.  The hotel itself is not accessible by a car, so you’ll need to get dropped off at the closest entrance to the medina (Bab L'ksour) and walk a minute to the entrance. The hotel is really easy to find on your own, or you can always coordinate a pick up from the hotel in case you need help with luggage or need further directions.

Perfectly central, the souks are only 2 minutes away and Jemaa el-Fnaa is a quick 5 minute walk. If you need to get around, outside the Medina, the team is readily available to coordinate taxis or private cars for you, which proved to be very helpful during our stay.


The Property

After a quick tour of the property, we were whisked away to our room, located on the upper floor. Our room was a bit small, but the layout and design made the space feel pretty large. It was a narrow space with the bed in the front, a seating area in the middle and then the bathroom in the back. We had a large closet and a gorgeous deep soaking tub. All the amenities were locally sourced and smelled heavenly.

Although quaint, our room was comfortable, the linens were soft and plush and we felt right at home. The loaded up iPod and cell phone (full of important numbers) were a much welcomed added bonus! Each room is different, yet carries out the same quirky Moroccan theme throughout. So you can expect lots of orange colors, ornate lanterns hanging on the ceilings and deep polished stone walls. 

Comprised of only 6 guest rooms, Maison MK is small, but the layout and of everything makes it feel as if you have your own private section of the house.


Walking around Maison MK, it felt more like we were at a good friend's house rather than a hotel. The style is quirky, ornately Moroccan and with all the comforts of home. The owners of Maison MK purchased the space, which was abandoned for 14 years, yet with a bit of imagination and perseverance (and two years of renovations) they were able to transform the space into what it is today - a comfortable, chic Maison in the heart of Marrakech.

On the first floor is a small pool and several comfortable sitting rooms to relax in. Full of bright Moroccan details these areas proved to be a great space to get some work done. Since we do travel full time and work remotely, it’s important for us to have a space to set up in. Our room didn’t have a desk or much seating, so in the afternoons we would head to the little nooks, set up our computer and get some work out of the way.


My favorite part, is their beautiful rooftop terrace. With several levels and plenty of seating, it is the best place to take in the city views of Marrakech and just relax. Our mornings would start by being served breakfast on the rooftop and would end by watching the sunset, indulging in their signature MK cocktails ( a delicious spicy and bubbly concoction).

From the moment we stepped into Maison MK to the moment we left, the service and team were incredible. Everyone was very welcoming, professional and full of great recommendations. This is the perfect place if you like modern conveniences in a space full of personality!

Beautiful details like this, fill the space at Maison MK

Take a Tour of the Countryside

With delicious food being served 24/7, Moroccan wines and good cocktails on the menu and a comfortable area to take in the views of Marrakech, It’s easy to want to “stay in” at Maison MK and just relax…but don’t. For at least one of the days, you have to take advantage of the private tours Maison MK offers and get out and explore the surrounding area.

I was somewhat hesitant to book a private car tour, but after the assurance of the front desk manager, I was sold. It seems like every tour to the countryside offers you the same thing…air conditioned car, english speaking tour guide, amazing views and a stop for tagine for lunch. But what sets this tour apart is that they skip all the touristy spots and really immerse you into the culture of Morocco. You’ll stop at a traditional market (we were the only tourists) and journey through the mountain villages, stopping for breathtaking views as you see what life is like in the country.


For lunch you’ll be taken to the home of a Berber family where you will be served traditional Moroccan cuisine.  With sweeping views of the mountains, you’ll dine alfresco as you are served the best, authentically made, Moroccan dishes, including couscous, tangine and mint tea... trust me, it will be the best you ever had! 

If spending a full day out in the countryside, riding camels and eating delicious food isn't your thing, there are plenty of other tours and recommendations to choose from. Even if you don't see what your looking for on their list of activities, just tell them what you're looking for and I am sure they will make it happen! That's just how Maison MK operates  :)

Taking a tour of the countryside was the highlight of our entire trip. We were able to escape the hustle of the Medina and see the quiet cultural side of the Berber people

For more information about Maison MK make sure to visit their website: