Palais Faraj: A Luxury Hotel in Historic Fez, Morocco

Staying in the Old Medina is tempting, but these photos of Palais Faraj will prove, distance has it’s perks. You'll find so much more than stunning views & Moroccan charm!


Palais Faraj is a grand Moroccan Palace, located just outside the Old Medina. Intricate details are found around every corner, as traditional Moroccan tiles and antiques fill the space. At first glance this Palace might not seem like an obvious choice for your Moroccan trip, due to it’s location, but as we quickly discovered, it was worth the gamble.

The Palais Faraj was once a lavish palace that has recently been converted into exceptional luxury hotel. However, through this renovation, when the designers and architects uncovered original tile and design elements they incorporated it into the overall look. The result is undeniably Moroccan and will leave you wanting to re-decorate your home into everything Moroccan!

However, the most amazing aspect of this property is not seen until you make your way up to the restaurant; there you’ll discover the secret of Palais Faraj -- it's location. Situated on a hill high above the Old Medina, the Palais enjoys unparalleled views of the dizzying labyrinth below. Calls to prayer from the lavish mosques, can be heard from all directions and watching the sky move and change colors is mesmerizing as you sit quietly on the balcony and reflect on the sheer size of this historic and sprawling city of the balcony. It's a quintessential Moroccan experience that you'll only find at the Palais! 


Spacious and Lavish Suites

During our visit, we stayed in the appropriately named “Favorite Suite!” The style was classic Moorish with Moroccan details and at 70 square meters, we had more than enough space to stretch out and really relax. As soon as you walk through the door, you’re greeted by a stunning small staircase leading down to a living room and further on to the bedroom and ornate bathroom.

We had a small balcony outside that looked into a simple courtyard, but with all the interior space, we didn't spend much time outside. There wasn’t much natural light coming through, but will all the bright tiles and rich textures, the space always felt bright and welcoming.


Be Charmed by Moroccan Design

Even though our suite had plenty of space, for us to relax in, there were several moments I found myself wandering through the halls and catching up on emails in the various common rooms. The spaces were eclectically put together, comfortable and Moroccan tea was always on hand.

At night the courtyards of the Palais are transformed. Softly lit candles are hidden throughout and the scent of fresh flowers and essential oils waft through the air. Even if you aren't staying at the hotel, you can still take advantage of the ambiance by booking a table at the restaurant that serves local and western cuisine...and of course overlooks the entire medina.


An Unbeatable Location

Now of course a trip to Fez is not complete without a trip to the Medina. The location of Palais Faraj could not be better; simply walk outside the Palais gates and you're standing right on the outskirts of this ancient town. Our advice, is to ditch the map and get lost in the 9,000+ small streets.

Or if you want to make sure you are able to see the best of what the city has to offer, hire a private guide and let them help you navigate this maze-like city. One day we took advantage of a private guide and it was the best decision we made. The hotel has a great relationship with several guides, who will take you on a tour of the Medina and bring you to all the best places to see and experience.


One of the mosques we visited with our guide


Just tell the guide upfront what you're into and they will tailor the experience. For instance, we wanted to get some great photos of the culture of the Medina, so our guide made sure to take us to mosques and a few craftsman shops. In all, it was money well spent, and we ended up seeing parts of the Medina that we would never have found on our own.

You can wander the Medina on your own (in fact we recommend it) but hiring a guide will insure you don’t miss a thing!

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