The Waldorf Astoria, Dubai on Palm Jumeriah

For a family vacation, or to get away from the hustle of Dubai, the Waldorf Astoria is a secluded family resort, on one of the worlds most significant landmarks, the Palm Jumeriah. 


Our interest in visiting Dubai started a few years ago as most interests do…we saw and unbelievable picture. It was that quintessential image of Jumeriah Palm; the immaculate palm tree shaped island rising from the water, a glowing sunset in the background and unimaginable skyscrapers towering from the base. The creativity and ambition that went into building a city like Dubai, was enough to peak our interest. We had to make a stop and see this new city for ourselves. 

We knew our first stop in Dubai had to be on the famed Palm, so when we learned that one of our favorite brands, the Waldorf Astoria had a sprawling resort on the beach, it was settled, we had to check it out. I just couldn’t believe that a man made island could actually be shaped like a palm tree and have a functioning “mini city” sprawled around it’s fronds.  


The view of the Palm Jumeriah


The Experience

Driving up the palm trunk, lavish entrances to each frond flanked each side, luxury cars zipped up and down the streets and the ambiance had an ebb and flow that reminded me of a glamorous music video. Eventually we made our way under the sea through a tunnel (another amazing feat) only to pop back out on the surrounding outer circle that protected the massive Palm Island. A few kilometers later, we pulled up to the Waldorf Astoria Dubai!

The overall ambiance of the Waldorf Astoria Dubai is definitely elegant yet comfortable at the same time. It’s set up like a resort, so you can expect plenty of water activities, kids running around and several dining options to choose from.

Luxury cars shined proudly around the entrance and a bevy of team members quickly grabbed our bags and ushered us inside. Marble floors reflected bits of sunlight, giving the entire lobby an elegant shine. Fresh flowers and exotic scents filled the air while a team of smartly dressed hostesses checked us in and got us situated. 

The overall ambiance of the Waldorf Astoria Dubai is definitely elegant yet comfortable at the same time. It’s set up like a resort, so you can expect plenty of water activities, kids running around and several dining options to choose from. If you’re looking to get out and about and explore Dubai, you will need to rent a car, or take a taxi, as the resort is away from downtown. 


The lobby at Waldorf Astoria Dubai


Our Room

One of the reasons we love the Waldorf Astoria, is that their rooms are always spacious and elegantly designed. We know to expect large bathrooms, comfortable beds and my favorite - Salvatore Ferragamo amenities. We stayed in a King Premier room with a partial view of the palm, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Hues of teal and sandstone filled the room, while pops of white and hardwood made everything feel bright and fresh. 

We had a large bathroom, complete with a separate shower and tub, dual vanities and a lovely peek-a-boo screen looking onto the bedroom. Our bedroom was the perfect size to spread out comfortably and had a large desk, perfect for catching up on some work. We did have a balcony, but because we were on the first floor, our views were slightly obstructed. 

Make sure to ask for a room on a top floor. You’ll either get views of the palm on one side, or the Burj al Arab and downtown Dubai on the other.

Dining at Waldorf Astoria Dubai

The Waldorf Astoria Dubai is about 10 minutes away from the nearest hotel and about 20 minutes away from the nearest mall or restaurant. To make up for this, there are a bevy of restaurants to choose from during your stay. You can dine at Lao which is a South East Asian restaurant, heavily influenced by Vietnam, or enter the world of Heinz Beck at his restaurant Social where a relaxed atmosphere and modern Italian cuisine await.

There is also the hotels main restaurant Mezzerie which offers International cuisine by buffet or à la carte. Of course if you have club lounge access like we did (and definitely worth the extra expense) you can always pop in for a refreshment or snack depending on the time of day. 


Club Lounge Access

Situated on the top of the floor of the property and overlooking the Palm, is the private lounge. There is a large outdoor area with plenty of seating, overlooking the pool and ocean. If you want to cool off, you also have the option of cozying up on one of the many plush couches or seating areas inside. 

The views look out over the pool and ocean, making it a great place to relax with a glass of wine or cocktail of the sunset.  If you arrive between 5-7cocktails, wine, beer and canapes are readily available and complimentary!  


Our view from the club lounge!


Breakfast is served in the club lounge and only available to those with access, so it’s a great and less crowded escape from the usual breakfast buffet. Options are simple, with fresh fruit, cheeses, bread and a few hot dishes. The only downfall - no fresh granola or hot menu selections. 

With over 319 rooms, the lounge is the perfect place to escape from the other guests and enjoy the views a bit more intimately.

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