The Houben: A Designed Focus Hotel in Koh Lanta, Thailand

Good design isn't just about beauty, it's about better living. Inspiring relaxation in an amazing location, the Houben is a private getaway in Koh Lanta Thailand


Part Thai, part Belgium and all modern minimalist, the Houben Hotel in Koh Lanta won’t let you forget it’s Belgium roots or its it’s private setting on the cliffs overlooking the blue tropical waters of Thailand. Quiet and laid back beach life, is right out front and you wont get the party atmosphere that so many other areas are known for. 

A dramatic red tiled pool sits center stage, surrounded by the hotels restaurant & bar, Red Alert, which offers everything Belgium, from an impressive importedbeer list to home cooked Belgium food. The building itself is grey concrete with a modern look depicted by straight lines and hints of red. The resulting look is cohesive, contemporary and all in a laid back atmosphere. We choose to stay at the Houben because we loved the seclusion it offered. We aren’t the type to party or stay out until 3AM checking out the local Thai bar scene. We loved being able to get some really good Belgian beer (happens to be our favorite) and have a nice place to relax in. When we felt like leaving the property, we would just walk down the street, where there were a few restaurants and a couple low key bars.  


Our Room

The modern theme is carried into the rooms and with a bit more personality. We were welcomed by floor to ceiling windows, overlooking the pool and the ocean in the distance. We had a small sitting area and a desk and chair which is perfect if you’re a digital nomad like us! Our bathroom was really spacious with tons of natural light coming through the windows. A jacuzzi tub that was surrounded by windows? Check! A private balcony to take in the sunsets? Check! 

Our room was spacious, comfortable and perfect for our quick trip in Koh Lanta. Although the hotel was running at an almost 90% occupancy, you would never know it. Sure we saw a few other guests, but it never felt overcrowded and at times it felt we had the property all to ourselves. This is what life is like at the Houben Hotel. It’s simple, it’s quiet, it’s lazy. 


The Dining Scene

During our time at Houben we would rotate from eating at one of the cafes just outside and at the hotel restaurant, Red Alert. Although Red Alert has Thai dishes to choose from, their Belgian meals are amazing and go so well with an ice cold Belgian beer. After being in Asia for almost 3 months, it was a nice break to have some European food.

With a focus on sustainability and health, everything was cooked to order and reminded us of sitting at the cafes in Ghent and Bruges - albeit the modern decor and waves crashing in the background. Breakfast was served at Red Alert as well. We would choose from an assortment of hot dishes and healthy options including granola, fruits and egg white omelettes.

There is no buffet here and everything is made fresh, a welcome change from the typical “hotel breakfast buffet.” Our meals at Houben were delicious and a perfect Thai alternative. 


Tips & Notes

  • To get on and off Koh Lanta you have to either take a private speed boat or a ferry. We recommend spending the extra money and taking a speed boat. The ferry is crammed, chaotic and filled with way to many other tourists. 
  • The Houben is on the quieter side of Koh Lanta but an easy ride to the town center and other activities.
  • Koh Lanta is part of Krabi Province  and is a completely seperate island. If you need to get around the island, it's pretty easy to rent a car
  • Although the hotel overlooks the ocean there is no direct access to the beach area or swimming.
  • Definitely a great place for couples and adults. Although kids are permitted, the vibe is definitely geared to adults.
  • The hotel does have a spa and fitness room. 

For more information about the Houben make sure to visit their website: