Exploring Velassaru Island in the Maldives

This family friendly resort is has it all - beach front villas, plenty of dining options and of course, easy access to the bright and turquoise ocean!  


Staring at the beautiful array of little islands that make up the Maldives, never seems to get old. Whether your flying over the palm tree lined islands or cruising by them in a speed boat, the views are always amusing and truly unbelievable. I suppose that’s what’s so special about this exotic paradise…

Now the Maldives is definitely not short of luxury hotels. Every island seems to play host to a different exclusive hotel, which all boast stunning views, numerous outdoor activities and of course the best snorkeling and diving. So when it came time to leave the Maldives, we just couldn’t do it. Instead of taking a plane back to Europe we hopped on a sea plane and then a speed boat to spend a few more glorious days in the Maldives at Velasaru Resort.

Located about 15 minutes away from the airport, Velassaru is a great escape for families and those looking to take advantage of an all inclusive deal. Once you land in Male a representative from the hotel will meet you and escort you to a small private speed boat, and your journey will officially begin!  On board, cool towels await you to freshen up and all that’s left for you to do, is sit back and enjoy the start to your vacation. 


Relaxing in the hydro pool at the Velassaru Spa


About our Room

We stayed in a Beach Villa , which was comprised of a large room, with plenty of seating areas, a large outdoor bathroom and semi-private terrace that lead to the ocean. Although the room had large windows, our suite felt a bit dark for my taste…we love natural light. The overall design was very tropical, with dark wood and pops of bright colors. Of course my favorite part was our large outdoor bathroom, where we had the option to shower in the open air, or for a bit more privacy, we also had an enclosed shower.

On the plus side, our room was completely disconnected from other guest rooms, so we never had to worry about loud neighbors. Every evening, before dinner we would grab a bottle of wine, take advantage of our direct access to the beach and lay on the lounge chairs as we watched the sun set. I loved that we didn’t have to wander around the entire hotel to find a bit of peace and quiet – we just walked outside our room! 

Next time, we’ll make sure to stay in one of the villas with a private pool. After all you’re already spending a lot of money to get to the Maldives, you might as well spend a little extra and completely indulge! 


Dining at Velassaru

As with all resorts in the Maldives, you can’t really leave the island to go to dinner, or try a new type of cuisine, so you are somewhat forced to eat what the resort is offering. Fortunately Velassaru offers a variety of meal plans to choose from when you book your stay and with five different dining venues, you’re sure to have options. If you are staying more than a few days, I would definitely recommend going with their full board plan, which gives access to all their restaurants and includes alcohol.

Breakfast was served buffet style in their large semi-outdoor restaurant, Vela. Everything from tropical fruit and granola to International dishes were being served. For lunch our options were somewhat limited, so we mostly ate at Turquoise, which was a laid pack casual restaurant. They had everything from sandwiches and salads to delicious Indian meals. I recommend the Tandoori style seared yellow fin tuna - it’s amazing! 

We also tried out Chill Bar for lunch, which is a tapas restaurant overlooking the water, and as the name suggests is a great place to “chill” out.  For dinner we had a choice of restaurants to choose from, whether we were craving Italian, seafood, or just a great buffet.  One night we just wanted something simple, so we went to the buffet. The endless options of salad and juicy grilled chicken was exactly what we needed – healthy, hearty and delicious!

Our favorite meal at Velassaru was at Sand, located directly on the beach. With our feet in the sand we walked up to our private dinning area, where candles lit the way and the soft glow from the moon cascaded on the waves.  We were served a delicious array of tuna tar tare and oysters to start and finished our meal with hearty servings of Australian beef, plenty of vegetables and of course a bottle of wine.


Lunch at Chill Bar


What To Do at Velassaru

The resort is located right on the water, so naturally water sports are extremely popular. You can rent snorkel gear and just walk right in to the water, or you can arrange for private tours that will take you to various islands. Anything is possible at Velassaru, whether you want to search for dolphins, go fishing, or escape to a private island.

Most of our days were spent swimming in the warm clam waters of the ocean, as we tried to see what sea creatures we could capture on our gopro. One afternoon we indulged in a couples massage and it was the perfect bit of extra relaxation. The spa area is set on over-water pavilions offering all the classic treatments. After our session we spent some time in the hydro pool just taking in the sheer beauty of our surroundings. 

Another fun activity we did during our stay, was the sunset cruise. Ok I’ll admit at first, it sounded a bit too romantic for me - sailing on the open ocean, drinking champagne as you snuggle up to your loved one… but it was absolutely wonderful and was definitely a highlight during our visit. We boarded a small luxury Maldivian boat, drank champagne and shared canapés all while getting a completely different perspective of the area. Our views were completely unspoiled as we sailed towards the sunset. It was incredibly romantic and worthwhile! 


The Spa Pavillions


Tips & Notes

  • There is a large pool, overlooking the ocean available for all guests…but when you have such gorgeous warm ocean water, as far as you can see, it’s hard to settle for the kid filled pool
  • Make sure to bring an underwater camera. Trust me if you don’t, you’ll wish you did.
  • Because we were coming from another resort, we had to fly back to the airport, where we then met a representative from the hotel. Once we landed at the airport we were whisked away by a private speed boat to be taken to the resort. 
  • Bring plenty of sunscreen. You can buy some at the property but they are pretty expensive and they don’t have a huge selection
  • Ladies, leave the heels and cute wedges at home. Instead being a pair of nice sandals and you’ll be perfect. Much of the walkways are covered in sand and the entire property is total barefoot luxury! 
  • Velassaru felt a bit geared towards families, yet there are plenty of secluded areas for couples
  • If you’re looking for an all inclusive stay with options for kids, teenagers and adults, Velassaru has you covered!
  • Definitely make sure to book a meal plan (with alcohol included) with your stay. Having to pay a-la-carte can get pretty expensive. 

For more information about Velassaru Maldives make sure to visit their website: