Thailand is a really cool place. We like it. It has good food. And its sunny. Also you can ride an elephant. Whats not to like?


Thailand - the land of smiles, or more appropriately - the land of incredible food and fairytale like adventures. Although the nickname might indicated a happy place, it’s more like a diverse contrast of the most incredible things you can add to your bucket list. Thailand is a country where you can climb ancient temples, ride elephants through lush green jungles, sip cocktails from 60 stories aboveswim with sea turtles in the clearest ocean waters and eat the most amazing meal of your life for $1. 

From the bustling city of Bangkok to the bright blue waters of the Andaman Sea Islands to the Gulf of Thailand, we spent a month traveling through the country. We found sun, sand, culture and incredible food, all spun a thousand different ways. Thats what Thailand is all about. It’s finding the differences in the various areas and exploring a different way of life -  all while eating your way through of course. 


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